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The name of the cargo ship is Nossirah , which is Harrison spelled backward. The registered port of the Nossirah is Stevenson , which was one of the original names for the first city in the Saints Row franchise, Stilwater.
Check out the dead penguin nailed to the bulkhead behind the bridge.
Near it's a list of missing ships to be on the lookout for (a mix of real ghost ships and fictional ones).
Don't miss the signs on the deck that command that doors on the cargo ship must be kept closed during bowel evacuation and warn that ''whizzing into the wind from deck'' is prohibited

During mission 1 watch Johnny Gat very closely when the SWAT team shows up . If you watch at the right moment , you'll see him whip out a giant blade and stab people in the face.

The achievement for completing http://deckers.die has flavor text : 01100010011011110110111101100010. This is binary for boobs

There is a portable toilet ring near the power plant with a smaller dildo ring in the middle. The easiest way to find it is to look for the gang operation in Burn Hills reactor that is swarming with deckers.

Almost all interiors in the game contain a hidden dildo duffle bag.

Look for the captured behemoth behind the 3 Count Casino
Death Is Fine Gimme Mine
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