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Originally Posted by UrStupidAndFat View Post
Good to hear that there going back to CoJ routes and as for CoJ The Cartel normally i don't give a shit about reviews but a one that got a 2/10 is not underated. This will be more than likely a buy for me.
Me, I can usually tell when a reveiwer is biased/full of crap/just plain ignorant.

For example, everyone said that the game used too much F-bombs. Yet IIRC, I didn't hear about that in Grand Theft Auto IV, Army of Two, Homefront, or Black Ops. And then people said the game was trying to be a competitor to GTA and Mafia. "Oh, this game has gangsters. It must be ripping off of GTA". Like GTA and Mafia are the only games that HAVE to have "modern" criminals. And people said that the reason for it going modern was because of RDR. RDR was good, and so was Call of Juarez. Ubisoft wanted it modern (Apparantly someone at ubisoft was watching No Country for Old Men, as The Cartel makes at least three references to the movie, along with references to Dirty Harry, and the previous 2. CoJ games).

And remember you can't spell ignorant without IGN.

Just my two cents. But to me, it really doesn't matter what the timeframe is, Old West or Neo-Western, so long as the story has ties to the Gold of Juarez, and/or a "law" motif.
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