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Story Mode Achievements:

Couch Potato 100
Beat Story Mode

Simply beat the Story. The story has achievements for beating all levels within a certain "show", all of which are impossible to miss. The story is not too hard, and i would suggest doing it on Hard. This should only take about 6 hours, if that.

Chowder Fan 10
Finished the Chowder theme in story mode

See "Couch Potato"

Ben 10 Fan 10
Finished the Ben 10 theme in story mode

See "Couch Potato"

Flapjack Fan 10
Finished the Flapjack theme in story mode

See "Couch Potato"

KND Fan 15
Finished the KND theme in story mode

See "Couch Potato"

PPG Fan 15
Finished the Powerpuff Girls theme in story mode

See "Couch Potato"

Foster’s Fan 15
Finished the Foster’s Home theme in story mode

See "Couch Potato"

Dexter’s Lab Fan 20
Finished the Dexter’s Lab theme in story mode

See "Couch Potato"

Billy & Mandy Fan 20
Finished the Grim Adventure’s theme in story mode

See "Couch Potato"

Samurai Jack Fan 20
Finished the Samurai Jack theme in story mode

See "Couch Potato"

No Big Deal 50
Beat Story Mode on the Hard difficulty setting

Hard is not too much harder than Easy, and i would suggest playing on Hard on your first playthrough. After you get the "Big Money!" achievement, I suggest running past every enemy that you dont have to fight. You may need those lives later on. Save your PTE for when you have to kill X amount of enemies to progress, and take your time on the Battles. Dont rush yourself, and learn the moves of both your character and your opponents. Use your PTE against an opponent who has just spawned to set them down another life. A PTE used on an enemy with 0 damage will probably lose a life by the end of the PTE, so dont waste a perfectly good PTE on an enemy who has 200 damage.

This can be unlocked via Level Select after youve beaten the game. Replaying each level on Hard will still unlock you the achievement.

Frenemies 30
Defeated Kevin boss using Ben without dying

Ben 10, stage 3
You must beat this level with Ben, without dying. I played on easy. Kevin will do a series of attacks, and eventually get his hand stuck in the ground. He has 3 attacks. One that sweeps the lower level, one that pillars into the sky, and one that shoots 3 balls of fire. The two flower platforms are your biggest friend here, camp on those until he gets close, and then jump to the other one. Make sure youre ready to block after you jump, because he usually shoots 3 fireballs after you land. When his hand gets stuck, swoop in like a hawk and give him hell. Once its unstuck, back to the flower. Repeat until hes at 50% health - This starts stage 2 in the fight.
There will be pink shields to hide behind for this part, use them! youll be safe as long as you stay behind them. When they shatter and appear somewhere else, either dodge roll your way to them, or jump to them. Dont walk, theres a chance you could be hit hard. When his hand gets stuck in the shield, attack! repeat this again for the other hand, and when his head gets stuck, jump to the first platform, jump upwards and do his up-standard attack.

Samurai’s Journey 35
Defeated Aku boss using Jack without dying

Dexter, stage 3
You must unlock Jack first, then replay this mission. I suggest playing on easy. There are 2 parts to this fight. During the first, avoid Aku until he either turns into a ram or a bird. If he turns into a ram, wait up on the upper platform for Dee-Dee to grab him, he will charge 4 times until she does. If he turns into a bird, he will sweep across the stage, alternating from the upper part to the lower part. just make sure you are on the opposite level that hes on. After 4 sweeps, Dee-Dee will grab him, keep attacking him until she lets go. Rinse and repeat.
Stage 2 is far simpler. There will be bombs on the left side, pick them up and throw them at aku. If hes hit, he will bow his head down, and thats when you should attack. Keep attacking, and when he lifts his head, go to the left side again and repeat. Eventually, the glass around a lever on the left side should break, activate that and Aku will die.

Professional Hero 50
Defeated the Final boss without dying

Final boss, stage 1
You must beat this boss without dying. I used Captain Planet, and played on easy. Once you know his moves, youll know that hell mainly use a spiny move, and a forward claw strike. Whenever you know its safe to attack, do Captains forward-signature attack. Once you get him down to a low enough health, hell fly away and start to regenerate, and Father will start to fight you as a distraction. Jump in the air, and do his up attack on the boss in the background, and ignore father. Once all his tvs are knocked down, hell come back to fight. repeat the cautious forward-signature attack, and keep your eye on Father. Once the boss is down to a certain health, Vilgax will come out while the boss heals. Focus on the boss. When he comes back down, WATCH OUT. THERE WILL BE PITFALLS ON THE MAP. If you fall into them, you die. Captains Forward-signature move is now pretty much useless, and its not worth the risk of using. Attack with either standard attacks, or with his down-signature move while above the boss. It shouldnt take long for this part, but watch out for those pitfalls.

Tip from The Nonexistenc (Thanks!):
Monkey's forward attack (where he spins wildly) is GREAT for Professional Hero. It takes off major damage off the final boss. Only issue is that it's hard to redirect him away from the pitfalls. Monkey's spin takes so much damage, you can pretty much ignore whoever the boss summons to fight you while he's flying in the background.

An alternative method is to use Jack. Forward attack will allow you to go back and forth between the boss, taking off health and allowing you to build meter (just don't do it when the boss is doing that spin attack). Whenever he flies into the back, just use the PTE on whoever he summons and it's practically guaranteed to kill them. By using Jack, I didn't even lose my life in that fight even on my Hard runthrough.

It’s Hero Time! 20
Won the Bellwood fight in story mode with Ben or Young Ben in under a minute

Ben 10, stage 1
You must beat this stage in under a minute, while having Ben or Young Ben in your party. This one gave me quite a bit of trouble. What i did was played on hard, and hid near the lower left balcony. Buttercup will occasionally kill herself, while trying to kill you. Dont worry if you lose some lives, and every now-and-then, jump off the edge, but give Buttercup an opening to attack you while you fall. Sometimes shell charge off with you, and follow you all the way down.

Freedom!!! 20
Won the Toadblatt’s level in story mode with Grim in under two minutes

The Grim Adventures, stage 2
You must beat this level in under two minutes. I suggest playing on easy. You are forced to use Grim, and how i beat the level was by hanging on one of the 2 platforms on either side of the map, and doing my forward-signature move towards the outside of the level. Usually, Billy and Mandy will get hit and eventually fly out of the map. Repeat 3 times, and the achievements yours.

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