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Like a Hoss 30
Won the Endsville Cemetery level in story mode with Hoss Delgado without dying

The Grim Adventures, stage 3
You must beat this level with Hoss Delgado, without dying. Far easier than it sounds, you must only kill a few zombies in this level and the achievements yours. Keep your distance between the zombies when youre not attacking, and continuously do your forward-signature attack. its a Chainsaw that will deal a decent ammount of damage. After 2 or 3 hits, roll away. Although i did it on Hard, Easy would be a surefire way of getting this achievement.

Adventure! 30
Won the first Flapjack Pier level in story mode with Flapjack and K’nuckles in under three minutes

Flapjack, stage 2
You must beat this stage in under 3 minutes, while playing as Captain K'nuckles or Flapjack. I suggest playing with Captain K'nuckles, as I find his forward-signature useful in the fight. Try not to die during the first part when the pier is collapsing, just make sure you know its coming, and dont go out of your way to kill Vilgax or Numbah One during this part, it wont even matter. Once youre on the ship, their lives appear. Captain K'nuckles PTE is good here, if you use it when Vilgax and Numbah One are right next to you. Its an explosion which will definitely kill them, but you only get one shot at it. Flapjacks PTE sweeps across the screen and will definitely kill both of them, but I find Flapjack difficult to use in this fight.

S.E.C.T.O.R. V. 20
Completed Kids Next Door Platformer under 5 minutes

Kids Next Door, stage 1
You must beat this stage in under 5 minutes. You are forced to choose Numbah 1, and i would highly suggest Aku to be in your party as well. He has 4 jumps, plus his up-sig move. Keep pushing forward, and avoid all unnecessary fights. Dont wait for platforms to move across, with Aku you can make the jumps. There are a few parts where you have to kill enemies, during the first part, kill them and save the PTE for later on. At the end, when you must kill 10 enemies, use Akus PTE, Its very helpful during that last part. Just keep pushing forward, and save the PTE for the end. I cut it close with a time of 4:57, so this could be tedious.

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