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Originally Posted by houmacide View Post
IDC bout people's reviews anyway he even stated he did not have sufficient play space I watched actual people playing it in a smaller space and it ran great for them you are just bad at the game learn how to play the game and complete it before you trash it much less one level DONT write reviews on games you cannot finish or they are just useless I won't even read your other reviews as you make no sense and now I think u are retarded go back to playing dance central or whatever it is you play and leave the reviews to the people who know what they are saying
if you dont care then why post? oh right thats what trolls do. wheres your review then? didnt get the game hmmm? thought not, your so sure this is a good game,then buy it.

no game, no review = novoice! good day troll!

also i put in over 12hrs gameplay. MS stated all kinect games will work in 6ft.

paided reviewers only put in 5mins. they have to do 40-60 games a month. so they dont put the time in i do.

if you dont read my other reviews. its your loss really. i put alot of time & energy into these on my own time! show some respect!

i bet you just created a new profile on here to troll with.

my points are valid & you have no merit. play the game yourself then. but instead you post this dribble with nothing to back it up.

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