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Originally Posted by houmacide View Post
He does not need to trash a game he can't play and like he said people buys games off his reviews he has downright trashed this game when he can't even play it past the first mission cause it to hard for him so dannyboy you jus need to STFU and sit down and stop acting like his Bi&@h
where did i say i couldnt play it, i can you jerk. learn to read! controls are bad & requires more distance than most people have.

MS promised all kinect titles will work min 6ft away. its on your dashboard jr.

if the game controls/sensor is off. thats the game not me.

i xan play all games, tells you its not me.

this is just a poor excuse to be the 1st fps rail game.

buy it & waste your money or wait for heavy fire.
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