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Ugly Finish 20
Scored four consecutive knockouts using Kevinís PTE

PTE achievements:
If you have enough controllers, i recommend using them. 2 is enough for most, but 3 and sometimes 4 is better. You only need 4 for one achievement, but it makes it easier. the characters to use are:

Captain Planet, 3 simultaneous knockouts
Toiletnator, 2 simultaneous knockouts
Dexter, 2 (simultaneous) knockouts
Kevin, 4 simultaneous knockouts (lasts for a while)
Jack, 5 kills AFTER activating, just dont die.
Billy and Mandy, 4 kills AFTER activating, just dont die.
Scottsman, activate PTE and activate Peppermint Larrys assist. Easiest with 2 controllers.

Tip from LoreEater: If you play the final stage in Samurai Jacks story mode, you can get PTE achievements easier there against normal enemies. I can confirm this works, as thats how i got Kevins achievement.

Chicken Ball Z 20
Scored four knockouts after using Billy and Mandyís PTE

See "Ugly Finish"

Dexo Robo 2000 10
Scored two knockouts using Dexterís PTE

See "Ugly Finish"

Way of the Samurai 25
Scored five knockouts after activating Jackís PTE

See "Ugly Finish"

Flushed 15
Scored two simultaneous knockouts using Toiletnatorís PTE

See "Ugly Finish"

The power is yours! 15
Scored three simultaneous knockouts using Captain Planetís PTE

See "Ugly Finish"

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