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And now some answers regarding Recounts.

Are they harder than the main game challenges? OH GOOD LORD YES. They're about as tough, maybe slightly easier, than Crackers Challenge.

Are they different in anyway? For the most part, yes. It seems that the AI opponents aren't always the same characters, but the levels are still the same. The minigames themselves are different then in the main game as well.

In addition, the recounts are longer. The challenges that were 3 primaries are now 5, the challenges that were 5 primaries are now 7, the challenges that were 7 primaries are still 7, and Crackers Challenge (which was 9 primaries) is now 11. Thankfully (or not), Crackers Challenge's recount is nothing but Character Assassin primaries.

I read somewhere you don't have to 'win' the recount to get the achievement for X character. Is that true?
Beats me. I'm going for the perfect recount achievement, so I wouldn't know. All or nothing, baby!

What types of minigames get thrown at you in the recounts?
Honestly? A lot of Political Minefield, Stench of Corruption, and Character Assassin. LOTS OF THEM. I have yet to see Flip Floppers and Yard Signs more than twice, and I have NOT (mercifully) seen Benefactor or A Clam in Every Pot.... yet.

UPDATE - I finished the recounts, and thus have finished the game. Am I the first? I dunno, but I don't care. I'M DONE. The recounts are WAY harder than the first challenges, and yes, I'd reconsider that earlier offer of the jackhammer to the balls than playing this again.

1st in the world to finish Monster Madness
2nd in the world to finish Rock of the Dead


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