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@ granstaff - my apologies. I fixed the kill stealer achievement. However this can be done with AI Bots. A guy on my friends list got it with AI Bots. Try setting up a private match with 1 bot. Follow him around and cross your fingers that you will get a chance to clean up one of his kills. Good luck.

@ nuffzx - as far as the ringneck warrior achievement goes, as I mentioned in the guide, from my experience, all the birds I killed during the Pennsylvania Fall level were pheasants. Make sure your playing the right Pennsylvania level. It's the free roam one, not the photo shoot one. And as far as the Blood Hound achievement goes, it's not missable. It is not missable because you can replay levels if need be. Missable is when you complete a game without getting an achievement and in order to get that achievement you would have to start from scratch.

Thanks for the feedback

PS - any one know how I can get a Mod to post this to the achievement guide tab?
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Cabela's North American Hunts: Achievement Guide by Goots 88

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