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Originally Posted by Drucifer82 View Post
I had far less trouble with Nightwing and Robin, though I have yet to go back and refine my techniques with Catwoman like I did with Robin and Nightwing. I'm sure there are simpler ways of doing her challenges.

To answer your question, I would go ahead and purchase Nightwing and Robin as you will likely be able to complete their challenges far easier than Catwoman's. Nightwing is an interesting hybrid of her speed and Batman's strength, whereas Robin is extremely similar to Batman though unique enough to be his own character.
Thanks for the post. I bought both DLC bundles yesterday and I've been very impressed. It's so refreshing to see how differently both characters play when compared to Catwoman and Batman. A couple of things I love about the DLC:

1) 4 new trophies
2) You can select animated/cartoonish skins for both Nightwin and Robin in challenge mode!
3) Robin has a smoke pellet and Nightwing has a disruptor. God yes! That should make challenges a ton easier than Catwoman. =p
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