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Originally Posted by xMac73 View Post
I canceled my gym membership --- $45.00/month --- and now I'm just playing these fitness games on Kinect:

-- UFC Personal Trainer
-- Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
-- EA SPORTS Active 2
-- Jillian Michael's Fitness Adventures
-- Self Defense: Training Camp
-- The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout

As long as you push yourself (sometimes tough without the gym environment), you'll do good. These games are definitely not a good replacement for weights or road running, but they will test your endurance and strength at times. And, as long as these "fitness" games keep coming out, I'll stay away from the gym to save the cash.

(NOTE: I am in really, really good shape, so my opinion is certainly biased. If I ever felt like I was losing a step, though, I'd get back in the gym real quick!)
like I said I already don't get to a gym anymore so it's not like I'll be gettin any less weight training than I already am, and ill definitely keep running. but I'm just not motivated to do anything anymore working overnights. I'm hoping just turning on some music and going for the achievements will keep me going for now. I just needa find a place to set up my kinect now. I don't have much space in my bedroom. the only reason I even have a kinect is cause when I bought my new 360 they were sold out of the ones without kinect. how much space would you say I'd need to make sure the sensor picks up everything, ground, standing, etc.
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