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Thanks for the amazing guide. I tried my absolute best not to resort to using the video walkthru, but there were a few stages that I just could ~not~ for the life of me, figure out.

And having a bandage checklist allowed me, and my friend, to know what stages we were missing... and made us double check areas we would have never thought to search.

I'm not quite as good at SMB... I'm clocking in over twenty-thousand deaths (yes, I'm that bad), but I've only got the three Warp Zones in Rapture to finish, the Dark World version of stage five in "The End", and Cotton Alley. After that, I'll have my CA and 100% achievements.

I have to say... this is one of, if not the, hardest game I've ever played... and I've mastered N+ and beat pretty much every platformer I own.

Edit: Finally beat the game, and got my 100% achievement... so I'm at 200/200. I didn't get to use the bandage glitch (my copy of the game refused to spawn the infinite bandage), but I'm glad for that... having to EARN all the achievements the absolute hard way was good for me. Though... it was the longest week of gaming I've ever spent. I'll probably do those "Teh Intarnet" stages next year... it'll be that long before my nerdrage goes down enough to want to touch these stages.

Also... was anyone else majorly unhappy to learn that Meat Ninja doesn't auto-teleport? Had I known that, I'd not have been solely motivated to get 100%, and might have settled for doing it later. Ah well.
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