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Originally Posted by TomAce73 View Post
Wow, Idle Boosting, huh? I wonder how many Under the Radar ribbons you've got Taking advantage of a glitch is one thing, but getting credit for keeping your XBOX running (Idle Boosting) is even lamer. IMHO you achieved NOTHING! The only one who will be thankful for your "effort" is the electricity provider, that provides the power for your XBOX.

Getting the Seriously 3.0 achievement is a marathon and not a 100 metre dash
Hey genius, not sure if you got the memo or not, doesn't seem like it... but I don't have Seriously 3.0, and won't for a good while. I can sense your jealous child rage though. You sound like the typical bad kid from the Epic forums crying about the medals being to hard, crying about the SOS and Retro lancer, and generally worrying about other people instead of yourself like you should be... "IMHO"
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