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Originally Posted by Croc 494 View Post
Random one

I cant seem to find Sam Guevenne.

I know it is supposed to be a random encounter when you go into a pub, but I have over 100 hours and have been in all pubs multipul times. This is the last Deadric quest I need to do and was wondering if there is a timetable or something to show where he is and when.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appricieated
He honestly just appears randomly but id try later in the evening because there seems to be more people in the bars at this point but try:

Put subtitles on so you can see if sam speaks to you (because you might not see him) but then you know he's in the room somewhere

if you have checked every major city and he's not in any of the bars i don't know what to suggest it's a glitch? or maybe you have to progress further in the quests (but i haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else) so i doubt this is why he's not appearing
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