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Originally Posted by Destro View Post
Definately hate this achievement, at least its one of the few "bad ones" in the game...

But Skyrim like any TES is actually a game where you can choose your path right? So why does an achievement require you to perform evil deeds... this i don't understand.

Same as asking to pickpockets 50 persons... i am an honest person, i play this game as honest as i can, why should i do that and why should i had to get a bounty in every region of the game... sucks honestly.

But there is only 3 so far i think that are really bad... not too much of a problem... yet it annoys me a bit.

I purposely left some quest out of oblivion cause i was not an evil character... especially some daedric ones, and i don't care there the "best quest" of the game. Personally i prefer being a mercenary hunting a band of thief... i feel like a true hero in a game like that doing stuff like this.

.....I am FORCED to be a hero in order to obtain all of the main quest achievements, so why shouldn't you be forced to be evil for a couple? Your logic is flawed.....

Just saying >_>
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