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Originally Posted by Drucifer82 View Post
Plant it on the jammer guy then take him out. When the others come to check on him detonate the Snap Flash.
I know I know, I looked at your video and tried that method seven-ten times in a row. I just get really unlucky. I follow your exact same route. I travel among the gargoyles until I'm right above the sniper in the alcove. Then I drop down to the train car after the jammer-thug has dropped down off the train car. I wait on the train car until he's moved a bit, and then I drop down off the train car, plant a snap flash on him, go through the tiny tunnel and wait for him to appear on the other side. I throw a smoke pellet from a distance just like in your video, go in and beatdown, and run back to the tiny tunnel.

It just wouldn't work and I wanted to rage. Sometimes I get shot and sometimes I don't (while running away after killing the henchman with a beat down). Sometimes one henchman notices a guy's dead and sometimes nobody does. And when one henchman does notice one guy is dead, sometimes no one follows him, and sometimes only one person follows him. The game seems broken at times to me. I understand they probably thought it was clever to have the A.I. be spontaneous, but if you have a medal like this you need to program the henchmen to be way more predictable. It was so frustrating performing the steps in the above paragraph over and over and over and over again and never getting the result I wanted (which was, quite simply, having three or more henchmen investigating the dead body with the snap flash).

I finally got it to work though and ended up getting the three medals. Phew.
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