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Pretty much the same thing everyone else is probably saying:

AI on Very Easy seems like it's on a curve. You may get away with spamming the first few oppponets, but after about the third match the difficulty jumps up a couple of notches after every subsequent fight. You'll still catch the computer doing stupid shit like walking three-quarters of the way across the screen into a fan lift or blade barrage, but then it's like it Hulks out on you and has an answer for everything you can throw at it.

The controls seem unresponsive at times. Look, most of us agree that the D-pad on the standard wireless 360 controller is complete garbage. And for someone like me that grew up on the SNES versions of these games, the analog stick just doesn't feel right to use. So I'm stuck with hoping the move I just input actually goes through properly.

I picked this up during the Cyber Monday sale for 400MSP and I'm starting to regret it a little. Maybe the arcade versions of these games featured more aggressive AI than the home versions, but I didn't notice that when I played the demo.

I would have been LIVID if I bought this at 800MSP. My condolences to those who did and are experiencing similar problems. Maybe the upcoming patch will alleviate the major issues with these otherwise fantastic titles.
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