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Unfortunately, just knowing if the times are beatable isn't enough. Without knowing the correct method for the relevant stage you may not even come close to the number 1 position. Currently, my best rank out of all the training stages is 17th. One other thing that annoys me is while looking around various forums for ways to get this nom, I'd see it described as "NUMBER 1 - Achieve 1st place on any country's ranking screen". I'm 1st place in my country in at least two of the training stages, and yet still no nom
Thx for the times first!

obv its not enough, but your getting much closer, as u dont see 50 mission, u can pick a few knowing there is (much) space left

+ im open for crossconsoling finding ways for each other - if you message me your willing to try a specific mission, i can pm that guy asking for assistance - telling him right away that im not interested in PS3 leaderboards, so his record is "save".
many ppl cooperate that way though.

ill go through the times now. will be done soon

sooo glad i wanna go for a WR time on PS3, yay -.-

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