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Originally Posted by LordOdadjian View Post
Wow I finally did all of Robin's challenges - now onto Nightwing!

I've barely played any of Nightwing, but I've been watching your videos and have a few questions:

1) Wrist dart shots to the head are a one hit kill? Woot!

2) I noticed in one video that you pounced on an armoured thug from a gargoyle. Is Nightwing the only character that can do this? I don't think I've ever been able to pounce/drop attack/glide kick into any armoured henchman with Catwoman or Robin or Batman.
1) Yes, writs darts to the head are one shot. Some of his medals require it.

2) I think if you are high enough the pounce will knock armored guys down with either Catwoman or Nightwing. Being as they are the only two who have that attack, I imagine it's exclusive to them.
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