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Originally Posted by Steve007101 View Post
You can put me on the list now. December 3, 2011, a little after 2 am US Central time.
Conratz Steve! Welcome to a very small but expanding club! Good luck to the rest of you guys, I wish you a very smooth sailing!
You really have been great guys with your congrats and everything not like the douches from epic's forum. I mean sure I idle boosted when I went to sleep, but I worked my ass of the rest of the time.
Maybe this doesn't mean so much in the "real" life, but it does to us and it sucks that those pricks have to belittle this, for those of us that really worked hard to get it, just because they lacked the same dedication. Whenever you guys will get this achievement, it will not be less of an accomplishment!
I hope I didn't bore you, but it needed to be said.
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