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Originally Posted by xxDAMRONxx View Post
um...u should go read it before you say anything again...he has descriptions of how to do each nom de guerre not just the description given in the brady guides lol...especially the ones where the description is wrong. His guide also includes the best places to do the tougher noms and the best way to do each GJ...wayyyy better u should go check it out
I have checked it an it is a direct rip of this one with added info in some places and in others he completely removed information also.

If he is going to steal information and Images he should have at least have Credit to BTHR Zero X of Capcom-Unity where the information and Images originally came from.

Also take from his guide

Originally Posted by Hand of Blood52 View Post

Faction noms

All of them are unlocked via leveling up. If you want them all you need to be lvl 99 with all 5 Factions.
This is BS you need to play Faction Matches also to get 45% of them

So yeah I am going to go in his thread in a Min and completely put it to shame for the rip and BS that it is
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