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Okay, I bought it last week for 6, so at that price I shouldn't really complain, but this is the bitching thread after all.

1. Loading times. It's already been said in this topic, no need to go into more detail
2. Not all. It's like they half pushed the envelope with regards to the sexism/nudity and bad language. Either go all out or don't bother.
3. The Driving section - just goes on for too long.
4. Underwater sections - Eugh, just awful, and why no Aqua lung pickup?
5. No Jetpack - Iconic in Duke Nukem 3D, not even in the single player.
6. Two weapons only - and not being able to carry much ammo. Totally strays from the Duke formula as well.
7. Frustration - Two parts spring instantly to mind - Octaking boss battle, and the part where you are going up the stairs getting barrels thrown at you. However, the final boss is laughably easy - why?
8. Some of the weapons are useless, especially the Trip mine. Good luck trying to get kills with that on higher difficulties.
9. Annoying jumping sections - whilst platforming is a Duke tradition, jumps in a FPS are always fail.
10. It's just not much fun...

I can overlook the graphics, but I can only assume the people sticking up for this game must be very big fans of Duke, or had terrible buyers remorse.
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