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Originally Posted by iiPaDFooT View Post
I work overnights, sleep in the day, so I don't have time to get to a gym. can this be a good replacement for a gym? all I really do right now is go running cause that's all I can do.
if you do tv workouts & vids. this is much better.

i use all my active games to workout to. heres an idea;

i do ufc, self defense training camp. for workouts. find most workouts generally boring.

so use dancing games. great for cardio,fun & works out every muscle.

i have over 20 kinect games. most are energetic, ie KS extra. i havent done a gym in decades & in great shape!

i was a fitness instructor back in the 80s. i teach karate now.

with all the tv workouts out there. this is really no different. so stop paying expensive gym fees for no reason.

the only people who do gyms now are lazy people. they need the encouragement.

which you could organise on xbl . get a bunch of us together & talk to eachother as we workout. simple as that for suport group
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