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i kinda have a quistion, does the full game dead rising 2 (so not the dlc's) have the same time 'presure" in it, coz i kinda dont like being under time (the shots for the daughter etc..)? i like the game, it was fun, but just dont like the being under a time pressure -> wanne roam free in the world

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DR2: OTR has a "sandbox" mode with no time limits and you can play DR1 on a survival type mode after you beat it i think (its been awhile). the time limit once you get used to it makes the game better you'll get used to it quick in the full game. you have enough time to do everything but you will probably need some practice first, but this game is just as entertaining on the second playthrough because you don't have much down time and you always have somewhere to be but you're not obligated to do anything if you just want to mess around.
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