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Watch Out For The Little Guys is EASY as HELL once you figure out how to survive the opening of the doors at the beginning. Once you press the button to open the doors, stand directly in the middle of the doors, shotgun the Jackal in front of you and run up the ramp to the health pack and the sniper. Grab the snipe and pick off any non-Grunty enemies you can see before you drop back down. Head down the structure by crouch-jumping down from the left side. Once you get to the walkway by the ammo and stuff, grab what you want, crouch-jump to the ground and then run to the doorway to the left. After going through the hallways and taking the lift, you'll end up on the land bridge above where you started. Grenade the Wraith and then CAREFULLY jump on to the little strip of metal coming from the top of the starting structure and walk back down to the ground. Jump to your Banshee and take it from there. Otherwise it's straight forward-avoid fights where Grunts are around.
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