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Originally Posted by L0Straniero91 View Post
Before I add the WP ones to the list I wanna know something about the game Nail'd.

Is is true that the DLC achievements still don't unlock for anyone? Because I read somewhere they actually added them on Xbox Live but people still fail to unlock them.

On the PS3 version seems that 3 of the 10 DLC trophies are UNOBTAINABLE but the others just unlocks fine (scroll down to see them).

So my question is: are those achievements still broken or what?
This is all I could find on the game's forum's.
"Just a heads up - it appears that even though the DLC achievements are up on, they're STILL not unlocking (even after recovering your gamertag). According to the in-game achievement list, I've unlocked 3 of the DLC achievements in the past couple of days, but nothing's actually unlocked on my profile - same for a buddy of mine, too. Ridiculous." This was posted in June but really that's the most recent thing I could find. There's also mention in the guide that Heart of a Champion achievement can become unachievable if you rank to high. Not sure if that was fixed or not.
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