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Ran into a green dragon called a Blood Dragon. Started with the normal first shot as a sneak and then proceeded to bob and weave to get the kill. He starts flying around in circles, no big deal, then bigger circles, kinda weird, then in circles way off in the distance, whao hey guy the fights over here. After a minute of watching him spazz he dive bombs to the ground behind a small hill, cool on the ground again. No. He disappears. But only to reappear in his spawn area. Great. But now he is stuck in the ground, Great again, easy kill. so finish him off with like 15 arrows and go in to collect. Now it gets really good. HES NOT DEAD WITH NO HEALTH. Awesome!!!! I can stand here for a couple of hours and pound on him. Got my short blade up to 100. My bow up to 64. My two hand blade up to 50 and my destruction up to 35. I'm bored and want to go. So I leave until his red dot is off my screen so i can fast travel and come back to kill him. NOPE. No fast travel for me. I am now not only unable to collect his soul but I can not fast travel at any point in time. I think he likes me.

Oh yeah like 43 hours of my life gone now. fuck you game. hope there is a patch or something.

Prolly going to start a new character in a couple of days when I'm calmer.
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