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Smile Honest review :)

well this is one of those extreame pleasures that almost makes you feel guilty for playing it.

yes its that good! not only can you use kinect but a controller too. thus showing both can co-exists side by side in core games!

though you can use both. i found kinect more responsive & natural.

one hand does lasers, the other missles, both up in air is smartbomb.

the visuals & sounds are equally impressive. bosses are very cool as well as the other enemies or what not.

simply put you cant go wrong with this. though i never did understand the story lmao.

short but mindblowing fun game. makes this very unique title an easy 10/10 for me.

anyone can play this too. as you can play sitting down.

awesome game & i qaurentee you have not played anything like it. a must buy for kinect owners!
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