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Originally Posted by Axel 360 View Post
Delvin wont buy the Left Eye of Falmer from me, wich is the last special trinket in the Thieves Guild Main Mission you will get. Pretty annoying.

Anyone has experience the same problem and has find a solution??

I tried everything, take them out of my inventory and pick only the left and not the right eye, the opposite of that. Store them for a few hours then get them and try and I even take the item and start to smash it to his head just to clarified that I have it (not that will help, but hey that was fun).

Its even more annoying when so far I had the luck of experiencing very few bugs. Im still running in 1.1 by the way, I heard 1.2 and 1.3 fuck the game and Im waiting for 1.4 to see if that one fix more that fucks.
did you try reloading? I had this problem too but didn't think anything of it at the time and now it's far too late for me to try that. I wish I had now
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