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"The Doctor Who Cloned Me" DLC Achievement Guide & Roadmap

"The Doctor Who Who Cloned Me"
Achievement Guide & Roadmap
Written by bennifer3000.
For use on x360a only.


+ Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
+ Offline: 10 (205)
+ Online: 0 (0)
+ Approximate time: 5-8 hours
+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Minimum of two.
+ Number of missable achievements: None (chapter select).
+ Glitched achievements: None.
+ Cheats: Yes (some disable achievements).

This is the first Single Player DLC released for Duke Nukem Forever. Overall the game and achievements aren't hard at all unless you're playing on "Insane" which is well "Insane". Duke Nukem isn't ironic and neither is Tryptich. It is literally insane. You will punch babies, swear at your grandma, and possibly break one of your controllers.

Step One
Play through on either "Normal" or "Hard". I'd suggest going through on "Normal" as you can get all of the other achievements easily during your first play through. The difficulty curve will be steeper but you'll know the layout of the levels making things easier on you. Get the Ego Boosts using this guide as having more health makes it easier for your Insane run. Completing the Campaign and getting all of the Misc. Achievements takes roughly 4 hours.

Step Two
Play on "Insane". Strafe and make good use of the laser traps. You should know where enemies spawn at this point so keep at a distance especially from the feral pig cops. Use the Ripper, Linegun, and Devastator when you can as they are both powerful range weapons that allow you to take down your enemies at a safe distance. Make sure auto-targeting is turned on too.

Step Three


Story Achievements (5)
All these come naturally via playing through the DLC campaign.

Heart to Heart - 20
Finish Doctor Proton

Your old nemesis Doctor Proton is alive but alas, not for long. You'll kick his creepy Star Trek looking ass on the level "The Doctor Is In". Use the Devastator to take him down, running away from his laser attack, and snagging some ammo from the box when you need it. He'll go to one of the 4 stations to regain his energy. When he does press the red button and those balls will drop on his chin. Errr I mean they'll interrupt the energy transfer. Stay out of the way, focusing your Devastator on the good Doctor by attacking it's weak point for massive damage. Weak point = red things in case you've never played a video game before.

Another Piece of Cake - 20
Beat The Doctor Who Cloned Me campaign on Easy Difficulty

See, "Damn, I'm REALLY Good"

Let's Rock Out - 30
Beat The Doctor Who Cloned Me campaign on Normal Difficulty

See, "Damn, I'm REALLY Good"

Come Get A Little More - 35
Beat The Doctor Who Cloned Me campaign on Hard Difficulty

See, "Damn, I'm REALLY Good"

Damn, I'm REALLY Good - 40
Beat The Doctor Who Cloned Me campaign on Insane Difficulty

This is pretty tough but not as hard as the Duke Nukem Forever main campaign. The only tough spot is the bosses as you are given more powerful weapons and more places to hide in normal combat. You must playthrough at least once to unlock "Insane" anyway, so use your first play though to learn the levels and unlock all the Ego Boosts.

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