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Miscellaneous Achievements (5)
These are miscellaneous which range from collecting things, to shooting things, to playing pinball things.

Bubble Buster – 10
Kill 10 expanded enemies with melee attacks

You'll get the expander gun on the level "Going Down". Shoot them with the expander gun then get in close for a melee then retreat. Rinse and repeat. There aren't enough guys in this area but you come across the Expander later again in "Teleportation Spire" to finish off this achievement.

Threesome – 10
Kill 3 enemies within 3 seconds with the Impregnader

In the level "Me, Myself and I" you will play through a Portal-esque section of the game that consists of 3 challenge rooms. You'll get the Impregnator gun during the last challenge and an assload of alien impregnators will show up. You can try to get it here but it's easier to wait until the floor section opens up and you crawl through some vents. Follow the vent and turn right, melee the vent cover. The Duke clones should be watching some mammaries on the screen. Don't drop down unless you feel inclined as they'll all look at you and basically stand together. Shoot the Impregnator at them and keep spamming it just in case you're a pisspoor shot. Boom. Achievement unlocked.

Scientits – 10
Earn a 1,000,000 pinball score on the Scientits pinball machine

Another Pinball achievement! YAYYYY! Triptych and Gearbox knew how much we liked it before so they were nice enough to give us another.
Actually, it's far easier than the game in DNF as they pinball game itself is far less crowded than the other one.

Use this video and Powerpyx's original video for tips. You can also use slow motion to help if you like cheating.

Bloody Red Rover – 10
Kill 30 enemies with the moon rover

Pretty simple. Just run over every enemy you see on the last level "Duke Side of the Moon".

I Am All That Is Man - Again! – 20
Discover all Ego cap rewards in The Doctor Who Cloned Me campaign

There are 30 ego boosts to collect. Follow this great guide to find them all.

Rude Awakening (1)

As soon as you enter the room with the broken wall, there is a toilet right in front of you.

Going Down (1)

Porno magazine after first batch of enemies.

In Security (2)

Hit the keyboard for some computer porn after room with a pregnators and octobabies.

There’s a bottle to drink right behind computer porn.

The Clone Carousel (1)

Porno magazine upstairs and to the right after the battle in the room with turret.

Me, Myself, and I (9)

Go left and then right after voice check to find basket ball court. Make a basket.

Go across the hall into melee training room. Hit punching bag.

Admire self in mirror in the same room.

Use pull up bar on mirror in the same room.

Beat clone at arm wrestling in same room.

From melee skills room take a left and then enter the left room to find weights. Curl a dumbbell.

Lift weights in front of the mirror.

Add all weights to an empty bar then bench press it.

Going into the next room, you will see a glowing reel and switch in the back right corner of the room. Hit the switch and place the reel on the projector.

Meat Grinder (1)

As soon as you get the rc car drive over to the chair in the same room. Use it to jump on to the chair and up to the table to press the keyboard.

The Doctor is in (2)

Kill Boss.

Magic Carpet Ride (2)

After your hover platform stops and you ride a little elevator to find a switch to hit, there will be a door behind you. Enter it go to the end of the room and turn left. Throw a dart onto the dart board.

In the room where you hit the switch after the elevator ride, there is a keyboard you can press.

Drunken Crane Master (2)

After using the forklift to move some heavy boxes and going up some stairs into a room to hit a switch, there will be a bottle to drink next to the switch.

There is a keyboard to press next to the drink.

All Your Base… (3)

At the beginning you will exit the building and fight a large group of enemies. Afterwards, you will head into another building. As soon as you do head straight and you will see a porno magazine on the desk.

From the magazine, turn left and you will see a punching bag to hit.

After the punching bag, you will see your 2 allies standing next to a door. Next to them is a lock that can be broken. Break it and go to the end of the caged area to see a dumbbell that can be curled.

Tunnel Vision (0)

The Burning Bush (5)

Get 250,000 points on the pinball machine.

Beat the Duke Nukem machine. (reminds me of Space Invaders mixed with Galaga for some reason.)

Use toilet upstairs in the second room on the right.

On the right side of the main room near the bar there is a dart board on the wall.

Teleportation Spire (0)

Duke Side of the Moon (1)

When you're at the part where you take the power cell from the broken rover, search the ground nearby for the American flag. Put it up for your final ego cap.

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