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Originally Posted by TURBOTAILZ View Post
I think you mean US?

I'm pretty disappointed they couldn't get the original vocal tracks in there. They released the best of Sonic soundtrack with an extended version of Cosmic Eternity I would think they could include that in the game? Apparently not...
Yeah, all of Europe got the original Japanese soundtrack as well.
The North American soundtrack was, as the name implies, only used in the North American versions.

With the exception of the PAL version of Sonic Gems Collection, which was the first time the NA soundtrack was used here.
Was such a disappointment that I actually went to the trouble of importing the Japanese version, along with a freeloader for my Gamecube.
The full original soundtrack for Sonic CD, 60hz full screen goodness and, of course, all three Streets of Rage games also on the disc.
Well worth it.

Anyway, I've taken the liberty of using the 16:9 upscaled HD version from the XBLA release to make a compilation of the different incarnations of the Sonic CD intro and ending.
The new instrumental EU/JP soundtrack, the NA soundtrack and finally a recreation of the versions from the EU/JP release of Sonic Jam, with the original lyrics and combining the good and bad endings whilst also speeding them up to 1.68x speed for smoother animation.

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