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plenty of the achievements are references as well.

>Double Dose of Pimping
a reference to the movie Idiocracy.

>Ow my Balls!
is also a reference to Idiocracy.

is a reference to Fighting game special moves, specifically Street Fighter. and is also a reference to Duke of Hazard.

>Gellin' Like Magellan
Magellan was an explorer.

>Haters Gonna Hate
An internet meme

>Porkchop Sandwiches
a reference to the GI Joe PSA internet meme.

>mission: Stop all the Downloading
also a reference to the GI Joe PSA meme, but the one title Computers.

>Stay Classy Steelport
from Anchorman

and of course as mentioned before
>Boom Goes the Dynamite
an internet meme

I know a lot of the rest are also reference but I don't know what to
I'm thinking "Who Loves Ya Baby" is from Austin Powers (fat bastard) but not sure.

Oh also one of the radio stations is Adult Swim, so that's a complete reference to a TV network and pretty much each song and the DJ are references to different shows.
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