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Complete the first two levels

First achievement in the game. Simply finish "Joe Danger Returns" and "Back In The Saddle". Just cross the finish line. You don't need to collect any stars for it to unlock.

Conquer the first challenges in the lab to become the Maestro of Madness!

In the Lab "Danger Laboratories" complete all levels up to and including the "Trial of Madness" to become the Maestro of Madness! Any of the stars you get in these levels will count towards the miscellanious collecting achievements except "Danger is My Middle Name". You don't have to earn all of the stars in the Lab to earn the five Lab related achievements. The only requirement is that you collect enough stars to unlock and complete all of the levels in each set.

Unlock the credits level

In "Grand Finale" in Career finish the race level "The Bomb" and the achievement will pop up.

Get a level Combo Star

A combo star is awarded for finishing the level with 100% combo. On some longer levels with checkpoints you can bail and start your combo back up again at the checkpoint. As long as the 100% combo star at the side reads ACTIVE you will get a star at the end of a level. If you lose your combo after a checkpoint you can press to reload the last checkpoint and start your combo up again. To maintain a combo you will need to be in an almost constant manual by holding back the . You can still hold down to duck under hurdles when in a manual. You can also manual in place to recharge your boost without losing your combo if you need to.

Get 5 Coin Dash stars

A coin dash star is a timed dash to collect all the spawing coins before time runs out. They can be found anywhere in the level and are triggered by collecting a large red coin. A timer will start to go off letting you know how long you have to collect all the remaining coins before they disappear. You can do this either in the Lab or the Career though I would recommend just doing this in career since you have to get all stars in Career anyways for "Danger is My Middle Name".

Get 5 Target Stars

A Target Star is achieved by hitting all the targets in the stage. To hit a target you need to be airborne and land on it. If you miss one you can always reverse and try again the the track allows it. The first level that has a target star is "Joe Danger Returns Again" in Stunt Weekly. Stars you earn in either Career or the Lab will count towards this.

Collect all Pickups on 8 levels

You can tell which levels have pickups if they have that blue star medallion in them. When you start the level there will be a collector counter down at the bottom right. The collectables also change shape based on the costume you select. All of the stars are found generally in groups or lines arching off jumps that generally don't require you to go out of your way to get. If you have to switch lanes make sure you stick with the ones that have the collectibles. Take it slow so you can collect them all and if you miss a couple you can always restart at a checkpoint by pressing . The very first level that you play in career "Joe Danger Returns" has a collectable star in it.

Get a Time Star

You get a time star for crossing the finish line before the timer runs out. The first level that has a time star is "Joe's Got Style, a Groovy Style" in Stunt Weekly. You should manual and do flips and tricks in the air to keep your boost guage constantly flowing. It's beneficial to use boost in spurts instead of using it all in one go. This way you can refill your boost meter fast if you snag on something. For the longer time stars you're going to need to scope out the level a few times and find the path with the fastest route. Remember that going top speed and flying over the level is not always the best option especially if you're blindly flying into each section of the map.

Find 3 Hidden Stars

These stars are generally hidden in high up or out of the way areas. The hidden stars you collect in the lab count towards this achievement as well. To get it fast get both hidden stars in "Joe's Got Style, a Groovy Style", then head over to The Lab in "Aerodynamics" and find the secret star there. Sometimes the stars are hidden beneath boxes so if you're having troubles finding a particular star take the level slow and keep exploring each path in the level until you find it.

Get 4 stars in one run

There are plently of levels with four stars in them, but managing to get all 4 in one round can prove a challenge. To do this the easy way go to the lab "Oxidants Happen" in the level "Puzzlement". First what you will want to do is go far the the right until you see 3 orange blocks. Theres a star in the middle one so just stack the other two boxes on top to get them out of the way. Working left we see a long red box with 5 coins around the outside. Open up your toolbox and place a bouncy pad under the "hidden" star. A little further left and you will find a shark tank by some more floating coins. Use your toolbox to place the quarter pipe to collect the coins and place a star bridge over the sharks tank so you can collect all the coins without going for a swim (ner ner ner ner). Then take the long red box and drag it over to the first box placing the smaller red box on top so you can collect the hidden star easily. When you go to attempt it you will need to get a 100% combo. If you do the level right you will end up with 2 secret stars, 1 coin Dash Star and a Combo/Coin star.
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