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To aid in filling your relic meter...

The skeletons that crumble and come back, don't be so quick to bomb them.

Let them stand back up, and keep shooting them with your infinite ammo handgun. These shots count to refill your relic meter.

Confirm that!
I died 3 times and got hit twice and had over 122,000 (goal is 120,000) before entering the door. Made it on my first attempt.

Use those resurrecting skeletons to your advantage. If your relic meter is down, and there's a group of enemies to fight, and the skeletons are in that group, isolate them, and keep shooting them until the relic meter is refilled, then kill everyone (preferably the skeletons last in case you take another hit).

It's not difficult. You'll get it.

Time trial:

I think I died about 10x and my time:


Terrible time, but gracious given my performance.

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