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Originally Posted by bennifer3000 View Post
Meat Grinder (1)

As soon as you get the rc car drive over to the chair in the same room. Use it to jump on to the chair and up to the table to press the keyboard.

Magic Carpet Ride (2)

In the room where you hit the switch after the elevator ride, there is a keyboard you can press.

Drunken Crane Master (2)

After using the forklift to move some heavy boxes and going up some stairs into a room to hit a switch, there will be a bottle to drink next to the switch.

There is a keyboard to press next to the drink.

All Your Base… (3)

At the beginning you will exit the building and fight a large group of enemies. Afterwards, you will head into another building. As soon as you do head straight and you will see a porno magazine on the desk.

From the magazine, turn left and you will see a punching bag to hit.

After the punching bag, you will see your 2 allies standing next to a door. Next to them is a lock that can be broken. Break it and go to the end of the caged area to see a dumbbell that can be curled.

The Burning Bush (5)

Use toilet upstairs in the second room on the right.

On the right side of the main room near the bar there is a dart board on the wall.
this is the list of items that are not ego.
i got the achievement without getting this list

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