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Weapon Guide

Basically this guide will be totally geared towards their usefulness in single play and not in multiplay, mainly because the most important use for this guide is to help in the hard campaign cheeves. This aimed towards the more unexperienced players.

AT-14 Pistol - Great weapon, accurate even while moving, powerful, and an all around good weapon. Even better with 2. These are plentiful in both campaigns and I use them as much as possible. Great for picking off head shots.

RPL Sub-Machine gun - Decent gun, good amount of ammo but you must consider how many bullets it takes to kill enemies with it, not the most accurate, and has decent power. Not a gun you will want to stick with. Sounds awesome in slo mo though.

SM5 Machine Pistol - Basically a piece of crap, lots of ammo but is weak and inaccurate. Can be carried in 2's, doesn't show up very often or at all in campaign anyways.

VK-12 Combat Shotgun - A good overall weapon, has more range than you would initially think, great obviously for up close combat. You will probably not use this a lot though because it will get you shot...a lot.

G2A2 Assault Rifle - Pretty good weapon overall, good size clip, powerful, and has pretty good accuracy. When standing still you can almost snipe with it, it has very good range.

VES Advanced Rifle - I particularly didn't like this weapon much, has smaller clip, an annoying red scope, and low rate of fire. But this is a rather accurate and powerful gun.

ASP Rifle - Absolutely awesome weapon, you will want to horde this weapon whenever possible, it has great range, power, accuracy, and takes out every enemy in every situation well.

10mm HV Penetrator - This is one of the main weapons that can really take anything out, it's rather effective on power armor. It also has a certain effect on infantry and walls around them.

MP-50 Repeating Cannon - Powerful as a mofo, has a max ammo clip of 45 or 55 so it is a monster, takes guys out in 1 or 2 shots, also is effective on power armor.

Watson Auto-Shotgun - Not in campaign that I know of but it is in instant action and multiplayer. Basically self explanatory, same downsides as the combat shotgun it makes you vulnerable because you have to be out in the open.

type-7 Particle Weapon - A fantastic weapon, one shot kill for the most part, try to get head shots to guarantee this. Can be used on power armor and mechs but you really don't want to waste it on them.

MOD-3 Multi-Rocket Launcher - I wouldn't waste it on infantry and the such. You should really only be using this on the enemies that need to be taken out fast like power armor and mechs. Is very powerful and will blow the crap out of everything.

TG-2A Minigun - This weapon can have different ways of being used. You can use it on infantry which will annihilate them but it's range is medium to low and accuracy isn't the best. So either use in close quarter or against power armor and mechs, since they are bigger you can stay back and blast away.

type-12 Laser Carbine - A powerful and accurate weapon, has very good range for the fact that it is basically a point and shoot type. Can be used against anything. Try to save this weapon for when you really need it though because it's ammo dries up quick.

K3-Bt Grenade Launcher - A decent weapon, it does massive damage but to you also, so shots must be taken carefully and accurately because a lot of the time even in slo mo enemies can dodge them. If you do use this weapon try to use it mainly just for power armor and mechs.

LP4 Lightning arc Weapon - A pretty much useless weapon, it has very low ammo and is only effective at close range.

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