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The scariest part of the game, for me, was done by accident.
I was in complete darkness, surround sound up real loud because my roommates were out, and playing while wrapped in a blanket with my girlfriend, because we're poor and heating costs cash money playa

I was searching for chests in one of the woodsey portions of the game, and came up to a shack. I was just staring at the wood paneling because my girlfriend had gone to make hot chocolate, and I heard footsteps in the game.
I looked around in every direction - nothing. Weird.
I went into the little shed, nothing to be found, not even ammo.
Stepped outside, and was looking at the wood paneling again, while conversing with the GF.
Heard more steps in game.
Turned to my left, giant taken right there.

Seriously screamed like a little girl.

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