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It means that not only have you been ripped off 400msp for an unlock code but that youve also been ripped out of an achievement. Im doing the challenges myself now so Ill update with something more helpful (hopefully) once I complete them.

EDIT; I didnt get the achievement either so its a double rip off for me aswell, well played TEAM17. Oh and for anyone stupid enough... ie me, to think that beating the survival challenges, (which were not needed for the original 200pts) will make this unlock, it doesnt. I just spent 4 very frustrating hrs beating them and my achievement still didnt pop. So its either glitched or the times we need to beat are not the TEAM17 10 minute targets but some other undisclosed time that we have no way of finding out. A third alternative could be that we need to beat all of the target times for every level in both campaigns in addition to the challenge times.

Whatever the case we need proper confirmation of whether this is glitched or if people simply arent fulfulling the criteria to unlock the achievement. I checked the profiles of all those on the leaderboard and no one has the achievement, also no one on TA has it either. Id complain on the TEAM17 forum myself but it appears that I have a perma ban from when I complained about 'Aint got time to bleed' being glitched on Alien Breed. I wish I knew they had banned me before I bought the last two worms games. I promised myself that I wouldnt spend another penny on TEAM17 games after the Alien Breed patch lies, but I went back on that promise, now after being screwed for the second time I have definitely learned my lesson. My only solice comes from the fact that judging by the scoreboard entries for the new challenges, only 23 ppl bought the dlc. Even this though is a double edged sword as there is no way content that was only bought by a handful of people will ever be patched, so if it is a glitch we're fucked

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