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Best Way to Get Latching Achievement

Plug in a second controller and start Survival Gallery 3 co-op. Use first controller and set down 2nd controller. Around the 1:20 mark there will be 3 wolves. 2 regular wolves and 1 health meter wolf. Quickly kill the 2 regular wolves and let the metered wolf attack you. HE WILL AUTOMATICALLY LATCH ON TO PLAYER 2. Shoot him off. Rinse and repeat 6 times and you will have yourself 2 achievements for 60 points in about 10 minutes.

Others mentioned the melee method in story mode; however, I was unable to get one latched animal this way. Goodluck and message me with any questions....

PS - If anyone has any tips for getting golds in the galleries let me know please. For some reason, whether it be the terrible graphics or the fact the animals can attack you from 20 feet away, I have been having trouble getting golds.

Update: Galleries almost complete. I guess I never really sat down (or stood up - Top Shot Elite) and gave it a go. They are quite easy!!! Check out my Galery Tip thread for help. PM with any questions.
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Cabela's North American Hunts: Achievement Guide by Goots 88

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