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yes of thx

if you get into a VS. with a shotgun. does that count as VS.damage and for that weapon?

do you know what spots to hit on Submarines armor and what difficulty?

in 2-2-2 are you talking about the 2 guys behind the door you break down? ive followed the guide. go down to the post, back up through door and down then back up. i still dont get it. one time it seemed like there were more guys. does that have to be on harder difficulty to and does it have to be with more players?

best spot for pistol damage?

i really thought last level would be best for damage, but ill try 1-1-3 becuz id hate to play the last level over and over.

do you know if theres a list of VS. locations for damage?

i think thats it for know i havent played in awhile. so when i do i might have more. lol thx so much for your patience.

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