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Played for like 8 hours yesterday, hunting to get something to burn it down. Tried Conquest, Rush, Conquest Assault, nothing. Then, my XBox Live mate said "Hey, there is an EOD Bot in the middle of the map, want to burn it?!" when I was in a Viper, fightning some other chopper. When I heard that I jumped out of the choppa, killing the shooter, got to a a Jeep and got it, finally.

Today, my young soon to be brother in law was watching me play some Rush on Kharg Island. It was the first game today for me. Me in a tank vs. AAV-7A1 AMTRAC and a Tech. Couple of shots at the AAV, my tank started to burn, went out, killed the Tech and he said "Hey, use the torch on that big something". I was like "Naaah, to much burning and there is more than one person inside of it, won't stand a chance". But just for the f*ck of it - I went and started to burn it. Guess what - 4 guys inside, no one left it to the very end. My point? You should listen to children sometimes, they see people as they really are. Stupid. The people, not the kids. Or maybe, nvm, lol.

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