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Originally Posted by Brianzilla2004 View Post
I'm gonna have to disagree with you. On paper, the Tier system may sound restricting. It is, after all, the point. But if you think about it, 2017 operates on its own brand of restriction.
I get what your argument is, but your logic is off. The tier/leveling system in IA is restrictive as hell and holds the player back from moving on to tackle the harder stages. This isn't an 'on paper' analysis, this is from my hands on experience with the games.

2017 has a gradual but slow build up of armor and weapons that permit you to tackle the harder stages. There are no equipment restrictions -that's what i'm talking about. The moment you unlock a weapon in your arsenal, you can use it. Through playing the game, you slowly and steadily get more powerful by picking up items

Insect Armageddon is completely different. If your armor and weapons are shitty, things are stuck that way until you get it to the next level. Random weapon pickups don't change things, they're handicapped by the tier system as well (and usually suck). IA's difficulty is inconsistant and what you're left with doing as a player is grinding 1-1 or 1-4 solo umpteen times until you level up. Things could have been changed for the better if they added a few more tiers for a better and more gradual increase in armor strength and arranging weapon rewards a little differently but no, what's there and the way its set up is really uneven and prohibitive more so than 2017 and its annoying and really not fun and pretty much killed my interest in playing it anymore.
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