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Originally Posted by CrazySolid D View Post
I was reading on another website about Bioshock and the glitch that happens to some people when they go for their Brass Balls achievement and find there is no option to either enable or disable vita chambers! Follow these three easy steps and you should be able to get your achievement.

1. Create a new or use existing account that you haven't played BioShock on.
2. Go to marketplace and download the DLC.
3. Go back to the game on the main account and the option is going to be there.

Like I said, I was reading on a different website and I don't take any credit for this as Shad0w D0g found this out. At least that's what I understand from the other website.


I just finally got a chance to try this out myself and I can 100% guarantee that is does in fact work.

I can confirm that this does work. Sadly, I had to create another account, take microsoft's offer for 1 month free with it, then download. I couldn't seem to download with a pre-existing silver account I had (My GF's LOL). Before I did all of this though, I cleared my cache (not sure if that had anything to do with it)
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