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Originally Posted by chrisk62 View Post
Ok, this is getting just damn ridiculous now. I have literally had around 200 attempts at this now and still can't beat 7500pts. What's pissing me of the most is i only this one for the 'Breaking A Sweat' achievement, i done all the others fairly easy but this one is really testing my patience and sanity

i give up lol, after like 500+ trys its just not having it, my score wont go pasted 7.500 at all.

i have done it god knows how meny times with out 1 mess up.

and the youtube videos are bullsh*t they if you watch they gey 7.5k then when it gives them loading sreen they get 8.1k and i did it faster than him!

^^^ 83% faster than the hole of gb yet i get called lagger lulz
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