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Originally Posted by A7X x Shadow View Post
I know that this forum is pretty much dead, but if anyone sees this, can you give me a rough comparison of how long it'd take to get 4SG compared to Gears of War 2's Veteran Gear achievement (only the lv100 detail)? I haven't actually played or boosted online on FEAR2 yet, but I've read the method (with very little understanding) and it sounds just like GoW2 KOTH boosting, and I've read that it'd take about 150 hours excluding rallying time, but I didn't time myself on how long Veteran Gear took me (may it rot in hell).

Lazy person's summary: How much longer would 4SG take than Gears of War 2's Veteran Gear take, considering there's no temporary xp multiplier and ignoring gathering people for boosting.

Thanks. I really want to get the other achievements, but I'm more of a 100% hunter than an achievement hunter, unfortunately... And sorry if this has been questioned already. I saw a comparison between Seriously 2.0 and 4SG, but 2.0 was nothing next to Veteran Gear.
Sounds like you might be interested in boosting this...I have this game but have yet to play it at all. If you are interested then let me know, I will start playing the campaign (I always like to play campaign before I do anything else). Otherwise I will continue working on Seriously 3.0.

I sure wish someone who has done this would respond to your OP before I begin boosting though, I don't want to waste a ton of time looking for other players if it is going to be a bitch of a task getting people together.
Looking to boost:
-Gears of War (1,3)
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