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Funchucks! 15
Recover the Funchucks in Hong Kong


You’ll get this after climbing the elevator in Hong Kong.

Bad Axes! 15
Acquire The Bad Axes


You’ll get these shortly after entering the Petting Zoo (Providence).

Blast Caster! 15
Acquire The Blast Caster


You’ll get these shortly after defeating Biowulf in Aquania.

Agent Of Providence 60
Finish The Campaign


You’ll get this after the credits end or after you press start to skip them.

Nanite Hacker 15
Gather All Computer Info From Dr. Rylander's Lab

There are six of these hidden throughout the Jungle level (the big computers don’t count). The only one you might have trouble with is the one while the boulder is rolling towards you. Run down at first and once it passes, go back up and break the barrier. Just keep a close eye out for the blue computer screens. Also, don't activate the big computer at the end until you get the small computers for this achievement that are in the room.

Memories 15
Get The First Item Of Rex's Past

See “Get Your Scrapbook Ready” for more details.

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