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Get Your Scrapbook Ready 30
Collect All Items Of Rex's Past

There are two memories in the hub world and one in each level after that, except Sky Diving and Rex Ride.


Soccer Ball: After killing a bunch of wolf/dog evos and 3 ranged guys, you’ll walk up a flight of stairs. Before jumping through the broken window, break the door.

Providence (Hub World)

Prom Photo: In Holiday’s lab, look in the upper right corner.

“Evo Guys” Poster: In Caesar’s lab/Command Center, stay on the top level and go all the way to the right.


High-Tech Rubik’s Cube: After fighting the spiders for the first time, continue straight instead of turning right. You’ll have to jump over a gap to get this.

Hong Kong

Video Journal: As soon as the level starts, you’ll be able to break a window on the left wall. After going through here, you can break a cracked wall, and the journal is back here.

Providence (Level):

Newspaper Clipping:
Right after saving Holiday, you’ll go through a door. Afterwards, this is in plain sight and practicably unmissable on the left wall.


Lucha Libre Mask: After destroying the hives, you’ll walk up a winding ramp towards an eye. Ignore the eye and continue to the right.

Pocket Dimension

Accordion: This one is the easiest to miss. When you need to repair the generator for the traffic lights, there is a yellow light on the right side. Go through here to find it.


Hong Kong Kids Photo:
After an area where you fight one of the tree guys, you’ll break down a gate and go inside. There will be a bunch of small platforms making up a right and left path. Take the left path and you’ll find it.

First Step To The Date 15
Collect The 1st Sample For Doctor Holiday

See “Date With Doc” for more details.

Starting in the Jungle, enemies will start to occasionally drop DNA samples.

Impressing Doctor Holiday 15
Collect All The Samples Of Any 2 EVOs

See “Date With Doc” for more details.

Date With Doc 30
Collect All The Samples For Doctor Holiday

This will most likely be one of the last, if not the last, achievement you get in the game.You can check with Doctor Holiday at any time to check on how many you still need, and if you pause the game in any level, the pause menu will show what enemies are available in that level. You’ll probably have to do a lot of grinding to get this one, as canister bots, rhinors, and eye bogs are scarce throughout the game.

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