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Blaster Master 30
Defeat 100 Enemies With The Slam Cannon

See “M. Rex” for more details.

Bustin' Some Punks 30
Defeat 100 Enemies With The Punk Busters

See “M. Rex” for more details.

M. Rex 15
Defeat 100 Enemies With Omega Builds

The Smack Hands, BFS, and Slam Cannon are the weapons you start out with. The Punk Busters are the robot legs you only get to use during certain portions (There is an 30 enemy spawn area in Hong Kong where you get to use them, and just reload the checkpoint if necessary (credit to spockroxfaces)). The Omega Builds are the blue super weapons that you need to charge up. Just use other attacks until you can use these in a large area.

Killer Combo 15
Get A 20 Hit Combo

See “Ultra Combo” for more details.

The earliest place you can get this (but not Ultra Combo) is the Mexico level. Many enemies will come at you after you killed two ranged guys. Use the BFS.

Ultra Combo 60
Get A 60 Hit Combo

A great place to do this is on the third level (the jungle) when the crab guys continuously respawn. Equip the BFS and start attacking.

Too Easy 15
Beat One Agent Six Time Challenge Level

See “Better Than Six” for more details.

The Time Trials can be accessed by going left from the room you start in (your left looking at the screen, but Rex's actual right). Agent Six is in a green suit. Talk to him until he let's you do the trials.

Call That A Challenge? 30
Beat Any One Agent Six Time Challenge In Under 10 Mins.

This one you can pretty much only get in Aquania. Make sure to use omega builds (you need to use the whip-credit to on Biowulf and the Octo-Brain whenever possible, and you should have no problem. After defeating the Octo-Brain, it is important to note that the cutscene where Breach pulls you into her pocket dimension does add about 15 seconds onto your time.

In Abyssus, if you quit to the dashboard, the timer will reset but place you where you were in the level (credit to and Tyger7)

The glitch may happen possibly in other random worlds. The last level as also glitched and stayed at 0 time after a death and reload. Not 100% certain on if it's luck or can be forced.

Better Than Six 60
Beat All Agent Six Time Challenges

Simply complete all of the time trials. As long as you know how to get through the levels (or take advantage of some of this guide’s info) you should have no trouble completing any of the time trials.

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