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And Away They Go! 15
Knock 20 EVOs Out Of The World

This is easiest to do in Breach’s Pocket Dimension. At the moving platform in the beginning, lure some enemies to the edge, and then kick them off. It’s that simple. You can also reload the checkpoint to get more kills (credit to spockroxfaces).

Human Bullet 40
Collect All The Nanites And Do Not Get Hurt In Sky Diving

This one is easy until you get to the three lasers. The first one you can easily avoid by moving left. Return to the center. The second one you need to move to the upright corner. One blue evo will reach you here, so be ready for him. Return to the center and smack one blue evo. Before the laser arrives, move to the bottom left. Carefully dodge the red evo and then circle counter-clockwise around the laser, avoiding the other evos to get the achievement. Blue evos will give you nanites, but you only need to get the loose nanites at the beginning.

Radical Rex Ride! 40
Kill All EVOs And Take No Damage In Rex Ride

While the achievement says to kill all evos, I got the achievement on a run through where I’m pretty sure I missed more than half of them. Focus on dodging the obstacles and shoot the enemies when the road is clear.

Collateral Damage 20
Indirectly Defeat 30 EVOs

If you don’t have this by the time you’re done with the time trials, replay either Hong Kong or Pocket dimension and at the boss fight keep luring common enemies into the falling trucks.

Escape Artist 15
Successfully Wiggle Free Of 20 Spider Webs Without Taking Damage

When the spider evos glow blue at the mouth, which means that they are going to shoot a web at you. Let them and then rotate the left stick to escape. Repeat 19 more times. If you don’t have this by the end of the time trials, you can easily get a few on the Jungle Level, since you’ll probably have to replay that a lot to get canister bot DNA samples anyway.

Secret Achievements

Rev Your Engine! 15
Completed The Rex Ride Sequence


You’ll get this at the end of level 4: Rex Ride.

Omega Victory 15
Defeated Giant Van Kleiss


This is the final boss in Abysus. Shoot his face until he falls over and then punch him repeatedly or hit him with the omega builds.

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